Miss D ::: Orange County Boudoir ::: Grace and Lace Boudoir

Ummmm, hellooooo gorgeous!! This beautiful, curvy girl was amazing to work with! She was fun, kind, VERY complimentary, and confident. Her beauty on the outside is very obvious but her beauty on the inside (where it REALLY counts) is unmatched. 

Is boudoir porn?


There is absolutely no comparison between boudoir and porn. The intention of porn is to be sexually exhilarating; the audience is paying for pleasure. Boudoir is meant for the eyes of the subjects choosing, for the purpose of enjoying sensual beauty. At Eye Kandie Boudoir, we create tasteful classy images. Some clients request the "illusion" of topless, but we do not create fully nude photos. 

The bottom line is, Boudoir is for a select audience. It is a celebration of beauty. It is artistic, elegant and classy. 

Your body is beautiful.

Over the last couple of years, we have heard every reason why women want and don’t want boudoir photos taken of them.  You may have always wanted to do one, but maybe the thought of stripping down to your skivvies is nerve wracking.  It can be frightening, yes, but it can also be liberating.  We’re all insecure about something.  Even the famous supermodels.  Trust me when I say that you’re body is beautiful.

But I still find that many women may not want to take my word for it.  I can say it ‘til I’m blue in the face, but maybe I’m not saying the right thing … I struggle to find the right words to help women see how valuable they are, and that their “flaws” are not imperfections at all.

So we decided to reach out to a friend.  She is a teacher, a pastor, and a counselor.  See, this friend writes a blog.  A very personal blog.  About our bodies and sex, titled “Love and Making It.” She started this blog to show others “a new way to see our bodies and our sex lives. We are ready to enjoy our bodies as good creations they are.”  Her writing is passionate and real.  She is vulnerable and shares very intimate details.  She puts into words my thoughts, like I never can. We wanted to partner up with her, so we offered her a session in exchange for her writing about her experience.  We didn’t tell her what to write, we didn’t tell her she would receive anything for a positive write up, we didn’t offer anything like that, because we wanted her to write her genuine true feelings.  We also didn’t do anything different for her than we have done for any other client.  We wanted her to experience the “Eye-Kandie experience” the same one all of our clients experience. Check out her blog to see what she wrote.  If you’re thinking about having a boudoir photo session done, but you’re still on the fence, check out her blog – she breaks down her experience in a very detailed, very intimate way. Regardless, because she’s a really great writer.