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Preparing for your boudoir photo shoot...

Your boudoir photography session is an investment, so there are several things that you will want to do in order to properly prepare. These things will make the day much less stressful for you and will make your photos look effortlessly beautiful.


Drink up!

A few days before your photo shoot, try and cut out foods that may make you bloated, Some of these include foods high in sodium, soft drinks, and certain vegetables. Also, drink plenty of water; this will be good for your skin as well as your body.  We want you to feel as good as you look!

Practice Your Posture!

If it feels a little uncomfortable, you are probably doing it right. Keeping your chin up, popping that hip out and arching your back is never easy, but it sure pays off.  You will likely feel sore the next day because it is a workout. You'll realize why models get paid the big bucks. But you'll also go home with a nice gift from us to help combat the soreness :) 


Be sure to groom and moisturize prior to your shoot. For your face, we would recommend an oil like argan oil or maracuja oil especially if you have dry skin. For your body, try regular, non-shimmering body lotion rather than oils. We don’t want you slipping and sliding across the set!

Get That Mani-Pedi!

Paying attention to the fine details will really make the difference in your shoot. While simple, neat finger and toenails will look great, consider going all out. A crisp manicure or sexy red toe nails will really pop!

Say NO to the bush! On your brows that is…. ;)

Shaping brows is not our expertise, we only fill them in so please clean up your brows before your photo shoot. 

Root Touch Up!

Photoshop does wonders but we DO NOT use it to touch up roots. If it’s time for a touch up, try to get that done 3-7 days before your session.

One last thing...

We recommend you do NOT spray tan before your session.  Sometimes, spray tans can look orange and blotchy, and we definitely don’t want that!  If you regularly spray tan and are comfortable with the results, then by all means get your glow on, but try to do it 4-5 days before your shoot! If, however, you’ve never spray tanned and thought you might try it for your photo shoot, we recommend that you wait and try it later.