The Boudie bank allows you to EASILY pre-pay toward your future boudoir session. Unlike plans which are for paying off product purchases AFTER your session, the Boudie Bank is set up for saving money towards products BEFORE your session, and it’s INTEREST FREE! So you can save money that will go towards your products, which you can receive sooner rather than later. (Hello instant gratification!) The Boudie Bank is for anyone who wishes to have their boudoir session without any upfront cost. (Goodbye guilt!)

1.    Pay and book your session, after that we will contact you to set up your Boudie account and start saving for your products!  I recommend booking your session far enough in advance so that you have ample time to save for the collection you want.

2.    Determine a comfortable payment plan. This is totally up to you. You can deposit as much as you want, but we require a minimum of $100 to start your account. Remember, the more you pay upfront, the less your monthly payments will be! You can choose bi-weekly or monthly installments over a period of 3, 6 or 9 months.

3.    Choose from 2 different payment options, 1 or 2 pre-payments per month. Average product investment is $1,600 + Separate $299 Session Fee and taxes.