M.I.A. - We're still here!

Holy smokes!!  It's been a month since we've blogged, you guys!  No, we're not on our death bed.  We're not even sick!  What we are is insanely busy!  Like, for real, head spinning busy.  If we're not shooting a session, we are editing, scheduling viewing sessions and prepping for 2016.  Oh yeah, we also have families, holidays, and birthdays - lots of birthdays in Nov & Dec for both of us!!  Phew!  But in one breath, we owe a big fat thank you for that busy-ness AND an apology for being M.I.A!  2015 is ending with a big resounding boom for us here!!  We promise to catch you up with everything as soon as we come up for air. We are so freaking!!! excited!!!! for 2016.  

But for now, here are a couple sneak peaks of some sessions we will be blogging in the next couple weeks.