My FAVORITE budget friendly makeup.

As I was trying to find a title for this post I kept going back and forth with synonyms for cheap. I definitely did NOT want to use that word though, because the product formulation and pigmentation is anything but cheap. When I pick a product, I want it to impress me regardless of price. For instance, I have NEVER found a mascara that I love more that my L'oreal Double extend mascara in blackest black. Not urban decay, not tarte, not benefit, not MAC, no other mascara impresses me more than this. It doesn't transfer under my eyes throughout the day, It doesn't transfer on the top of my eyelid, it doesn't budge, BUT it comes off so easy! 

What I really wanted to talk about is a brand called Makeup Geek. I have a ton of their eye shadows and contour powders, and let me tell you..... this product is far superior than any shadow you will find at MAC. The foiled shadows are $10 a piece and the regular eye shadow pans are $6 a piece, which is the same price for a pan at MAC, but the quality is much better. The contour powder pan from makeup geek which you could use as a bronzer as well is $10 compared to make at $17. I will list some of the colors below. Go check it out!