Tips and Tricks Thursday!

Today's tip is all about white eyeliner and the different ways you can use it to enhance your makeup application. 

1. Use it on the inner corner of your eyes and then put a neutral light shimmery shadow on top to increase the effect of brightening your eyes. 

2. Use it on your eyelid before you put on your shadow. This will help the shadow be brighter and more true to color since you are canceling out your natural lid color.  I like to use NYX jumbo pencil in Milk for this. 

3. Line the inner rim of your bottom lid to make your eyes appear larger. 

4. Use it right under your brow bone and smudge it out for a nice highlight. you can also use it on top of your cupids bow and smudge it out for a highlight as well. 

I hope you  guys find this tip useful, enjoy!