I can't say enough about this experience ::: Orange County Boudoir

"I can't say enough about this experience and these awesome ladies. I was a bit nervous to do a boudoir shoot, and like most women very self-conscious about certain areas of my body, however, Jeni and Sarah immediately put me at ease with their friendly and professional attitudes. You can really tell these women love what they do, by the passion they have for making you feel amazing during this experience.

Much to my surprise, I never once felt self conscious about my body, in fact as Jeni gave me directions on which ways to pose or hold my face I began to feel more and more confident in my every curve. Going over the pictures with Jeni a week later was such an ego boost; they were absolutely breathtaking. I want to blow them all up and put them on the walls of my home, just to remind myself everyday how beautifully sexy I am.

The book Jeni has constructed with my selected pictures is gorgeous and will knock my fiance's socks off for sure. 
I did the photo shoot to create a groom's gift for my fiance, however, after walking out of the photo shoot I realized I also did it for me. And my self confidence has been sky high ever since. I have already recommended these ladies to countless girlfriends and would recommend them to anyone looking to do a boudoir shoot. It was an amazingly fun and freeing experience that I'm so glad I summoned up the courage to do."