This has been on my bucket list for a few years ::: Orange County Boudoir

"This has been on my bucket list for a few years. I always hesitated because of finances and because I have not felt sexy since I had kids. I honestly do not ever wear any makeup and I hate taking pictures. I decided to take a chance and have the session done as a 5th wedding anniversary gift for my husband.

I was nervous from the moment that I scheduled the appointment but Sarah and Jeni were great at calming my nerves. I had so much fun on the day of the shoot it was way better than a day at the spa. Jeni and Sarah made me feel like we had been friends forever.

Sarah is incredible, I loved my makeup and hair which is saying a lot because I hate wearing makeup. I literally only wear makeup once a year. The makeup felt light and my husband said that I looked like a porcelain doll that night when he saw me. Jeni helped me choose the outfits to wear because I had brought 5 different outfits with me not knowing what to wear. Jeni posed me and would also remind me to smile and after viewing the photos I was so grateful that she reminded me to smile and the poses really look amazing in the photos.


I was nervous about viewing the photos but they were gorgeous, it is hard to believe they are actually photos of me. I did not think I would like them at all, because I am so self conscious about my body but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved them. I found a new self confidence and feel like this experience was priceless. I would recommend Jeni and Sarah to anybody that is thinking about having a boudoir session but not sure if they would be able to because they are shy or self conscious about their body. Jeni and Sarah made me feel welcome, comfortable, and beautiful."