Makeup brush cleaning 101

I get asked a lot about how to clean makeup brushes and its really quite simple. I used to stand at my sink for hours on end cleaning every single brush with soap and then having to wait overnight for them to dry. I seriously don't have time for that, considering I have to wash my brushes after every client. Now, if your not cleaning your makeup brushes you should be, and yes, I'm judging you! There is so much bacteria and build up on your brushes, it's definitely not good for your skin. So what I do is grab some rubbing alcohol, make sure its 91% or higher, and put it in a small bowl. now you can dip your brush in it and wipe it off on a towel. Repeat a few times with the same brush until it swipes clean on the towel. This is a great because your smaller brushes will dry within a few minutes and they will be ready for use again. Now everyone, go grab those brushes and get to cleaning!