Believing in yourself ::: Orange County Boudoir Photography

We talk a lot about insecurities, self esteem, and self love here at Eye Kandie.  We post memes about it on our social media all the time, but the truth is, Sarah and I struggle constantly with insecurities ourselves. We talk about it with each other a lot, too. And we realize how hypocritical we may come across sometimes; we preach to other women about loving themselves, exactly as they are right now, but here we are complaining about our skin, our hair, our thighs, our laugh lines, etc.  Really, we all struggle with something, whether its our bodies, face, hair, lifestyle, education, or WHATEVER, we ALL struggle somewhere.  

It's important for us all to remember and be understanding, that ALL women of ALL shapes and sizes have insecurities.  Instead of calling these women "crazy" for an insecurity they have, or letting them believe their insecurity is justified, let's instead lift them up.  Let's compliment them, let's encourage them, let's stop judging them and let's tell them just how freaking gorgeous they really are!  There is no one-size-fits-all standard for beauty!

Let's be kind to each other but let's also be kind to ourselves.  Because, ladies, we can change the way we think about ourselves.  After all, we are in charge of our own thoughts. We don't have to think whatever falls in our heads, we can instead choose positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts.  Let's instead LOVE our bodies for what it does; focus on WHO we are, not WHAT we are. 

Miss T's session below really inspired me!  She wrote to us about some of the insecurities she was facing before her session.


"I lack confidence, but I think getting pretty-fied and having my pictures taken would help me see how beautiful I really am!  I [want] to get out of my comfort zone… boost my confidence…to feel pretty!  I'm very SHY, and insecure... [but] I know once I get in the studio with you, I will have a blast!"

"Even though I know both ladies personally, I was still very nervous before my boudoir shoot. From the moment I stepped foot into the studio, they made sure I was comfortable. I give Sarah the reins and let her make me beautiful, and she always makes me look STUNNING. Jeni made sure I was relaxed and that I had fun. These ladies are so great! Viewing my photos was the best! Seeing the amazing shots Jeni took, and seeing myself look the way I did, was beyond wonderful. I never really felt sexy or thought I would look good taking boudoir photos, but I was wrong!"

She was wrong!!  All I see is a super confident, strong, stunning, smart, curvaceous, SEXY woman who stepped out of her comfort zone and saw what she actually looks like to others.  Boudoir photos are so much more than just hot photos.  It's an uplifting of the soul!  I encourage you to book your own session - as a gift for a partner, yes, but above all else, a gift for yourself!  Her advice for other women looking to have a boudoir session themselves is sweet and simple.

"Don't body shame.  Be positive and HAVE FUN!"