A gift that tops all gifts ::: Orange County Boudoir

Miss A came to us wanting an extra special gift to give to her other half.  She needed to schedule her photo session quickly and she needed the photos turned around even quicker.  After she gave us a little background info on her reasoning, we KNEW we had to make it happen!  

"This will be an extra special gift for my other half! Just a little background info... we're high school sweethearts going on strong for almost 10 years. He joined the military about 3 years ago. He gets to come home for 2 weeks this December and then deploys in January. So we're definitely making the most out of 2 weeks: his birthday, our engagement party, vacation in Hawaii, and a quick wedding in Vegas! 

So these photos are going to be a birthday/wedding/deployment gift! I'm really excited and nervous.

I know the timeline is cutting it [extremely] close...I'm lucky to get the day off for the shooting session. 

I've been debating for awhile whether or not I should do this shoot... I'm self conscious, the schedule is packed, and I've got a ton to pay for... but I figured WTH? There's so much excitement happening within two weeks, why not make this the cherry on top?! I plan on giving this to him on our wedding night... the night before he leaves back to base."

"Don't wait for the perfect moment.  Take the moment and make it perfect." Zoey Sayward


Oh, yes!! We were going to make it happen for her!!

I'm so glad we were able to fit you in so quickly, Miss A!  Thank you for trusting us and letting us help you create a stunning wedding/birthday/deployment gift that tops all gifts for you!!