Awe Inspiring Miss J | Orange County Boudoir

Miss J came to us to help her with a gift for her husband for their anniversary.  She came in with the perfect attitude ... she was beautiful, so smart, and incredibly sweet.  Her day to day personal life is nothing short of amazing and when she was telling us about herself and her family, I was in awe. She has had a lot of obstacles thrown at her in life.  The amount of time she dedicates toward others in her life, it became apparent to us that, while yes, she wanted to create something for her husband, she also needed to see and feel sexy for herself, as well. And we accomplished that and it was powerful. The photos below - yeah, these are the modest ones.  We took some really racy photos as well, but she wanted to keep those private.  But I'll be honest, those racy ones are some of my favorite photos to date and I'm a little sad to not share them.  But our clients feelings come first, never mine :)