Think outside the box......

So, Jeni came over the other day to borrow a dress and we got to talking as usual about life, work and of course, makeup. Jeni was talking about how she had received a matte lipstick in her ipsy bag and how she didn't really like the formulation of the matte lipsticks. She was saying how she might just give it to me, and my first thought was.... well wait a second, why don't you just put a gloss over it? It really got me thinking about this post, and the things that would come naturally for me, but maybe not others. I thought I would share some of the things that I do with products to either change the formulation, the color or just use them in a totally different way!

1. I'm sure all of you have a beautiful shimmery vanilla eyeshadow. Did you know you can also use it as a highlight? Use it on top of your cheekbones and cupids bow for a nice glow. You can also put it in the center of your lips to make them look a little plumper. My favorite Eyeshadow to do this with is the MAC Pigment in vanilla. 

2. Shimmery shadows....... If you have a shadow that is shimmery you can spray your brush with water and dip it into the shadow and it will intensify that shadow. Its safe and will not ruin or harden your shadow. you cannot however do it with a matte shadow. 


3. Foundations..... So many things you can do with foundations! One of my favorite things to do is to mix 2 or 3 of my favorite foundations on the back of my hand and then apply it to my face. I have a foundation that looks super matte on the skin and has great pigment, but if i want a little more of a glow, i will mix it with a foundation that is glowy to customize the look I want for that day. If you want to make your foundation a BB cream, throw some moisturizer and SPF in it, mix it up and then apply it. If you want to make your foundation a CC cream, Put a little green or lavender, whatever correcting product that your skin needs, mix that up and apply it. You don't have to buy so many different products to get all these different formulations, its beautiful!

4. Lipstick.... mix it up! Play with color! Do you have a bright pink lipstick that you want to tone down? Mix it with a nude lipstick or a light colored concealer or foundation, boom! New lipstick color! want to make that red lipstick darker? scrape off some black eyeshadow or use a gel eyeliner to mix with it. There are really so many possibilities. I would suggest if you want to play with color, to go get a color wheel at micheals, its a great thing to have. 


5. Eyeshadow... If you want to change the way your shadow looks, add a dark or light base under it. If you add a white base, your shadow will be more vibrant, if you add a dark base (brown or black) your shadow will appear more smokey. 


6. Bronzer. Sometimes if I am being super lazy, I will use my bronzer to bronze my face of course, but also I will use it in my crease for some shadow and under my lashline for a little bit of smokiness. easy peasy! 

I really hope that you enjoyed these tips! As always, if you use them let me know, I love to hear about your experiences! 

Love, Sarah 

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