Stop right now and do it ::: Orange County Boudoir ::: Grace and Lace Boudoir

When you get a testimonial like this from a client!!! I know I've said time and time again about how much I love my job, but seriously! I love my job!

"Stop whatever you are doing right now and book a session with Grace and Lace Boudoir. Seriously, like stop right now and do it. I just received my album from Jeni and I am having such a hard time not sending them straight to my husband. 

My entire experience has been amazing. Jeni is incredibly responsive and was so helpful with all of my questions in advance. The day of the shoot I arrived at Jeni's house and there was a cute little sign on the front of her door welcoming me with my name which was a nice touch. I was nervous so it was nice to make sure I was knocking on the right door. 
I am generally not a fan of getting my hair and makeup done because my hair is tricky and the makeup is always too heavy... well... I had not met Sarah yet. SHE IS A MAGICIAN. While I was being beautified Jeni and Sarah were telling me about themselves (Fun Fact: Jeni was a photographer in the navy) and getting to know them was so easy and effortless that it really helped with the nerves. They also helped me select my outfits from the options that I had brought and by the time I went to change into the first look I was barely nervous. 

Now, the photos... Jeni has this incredible energy and it is infectious. She is a kind, genuine human being and that translates when you start the shoot. She tells you exactly what to do: How to position your hands, how to move your legs, even down to how you breathe. Her guidance made all the difference in the world because you aren't having to try to "pretend to be sexy". 
Jeni has an amazing eye for capturing you in the most beautiful moments and looking at these photos of myself I really am able to see what others see. Being hyper critical I pick myself apart and this was an opportunity to really embrace everything about myself. Thank you, Jeni and Sarah, for helping me to see myself in a beautiful light. 


Couldn't have ended it better myself ;)