No Regrets ::: Orange County Boudoir ::: Miss A

More often than not, clients email us telling us they've been wanting to do a session for such a long time and they've FINALLY decided to gather up the courage and book a shoot!  Boy does that make us happy! Every one of our clients have come to us a tad (or a lot!) nervous, and trust me, I GET IT!!  I mean, c'mon, it's to be expected. Stripping down in front of someone is hard enough, but to do it when that someone has a CAMERA? In your face?? Yeah, again, it's to be expected that you'll be nervous. But don't let those nerves stop you, let them guide you to excitement and adventure!  Just like Miss A did!  She'd wanted a shoot.  But she waited ... and waited.  Finally, she realized that she wasn't going to regret doing the shoot ... she'd regret NOT doing it!  So she finally emailed us.  Bravo, Miss A for getting out of your comfort zone and letting your nerves guide you, not stop you!