Model Releases ::: Orange County Boudoir ::: Grace and Lace Boudoir

Hi Friends!! I just wanted to go over model releases with you guys real quick … so there is absolutely no confusion when it comes to YOUR boudoir session. We NEVER work with paid models. Each and every one of our clients are paying clients. We never want anybody to feel obligated to share their photos, if you would rather they remain private, we completely understand. After all, this is a very intimate and private type of photography we are talking about here. Many of our clients feel so confidently about their photos that they are excited to share them - whether it’s a full release or a partial release. Here are the differences with the different options:


Please share my images online on any platform. This option is for those clients that are excited to show their images to the world! This option allows us to share it on our Grace and Lace Boudoir Facebook page, our private group, Instagram, and Pinterest. They will be used in advertising, marketing and any other place where our images are featured! 


There are different variations for this on our release. You can choose to just have anonymous images shown or be specific about where you would like for it to be shown (i.e. just our FB group or just our website)


This is what you would check if you do not want ANY of your images online, print, etc. You want them to remain 100% private.

We completely understand that boudoir photography is very personal and we respect your privacy. We will never share your images online or in print without your written permission with this image release, so rest assured. We never pressure you either way. Some women are excited to share all of them and some may not want to due to their comfort level, or job, etc.

She wears her heart on her skin ::: Orange County Boudoir ::: Grace and Lace Boudoir

NSFW - there’s the warning for you. This session was so. fire.

“My experience with Grace and Lace Boudoir has been PHENOMENAL!”

“Jeni and Sarah are so sweet and patient, I'm really glad I got the opportunity to work with them. They did not hesitate to answer any and all questions I had, and they provided a plethora of emails with detailed information on what to expect, how to prepare for my session, and what products are available for purchase.”

“Seeing how STUNNING my pictures came out has given me a huge confidence boost and I can't wait to show the photos to my partner! I definitely recommend Jeni and Sarah for anyone looking to do a boudoir photoshoot. Their sincere sweetness and positivity make, what can be a very vulnerable experience, something beautiful. “

Blue hair, don't care ::: Orange County Boudoir ::: Grace and Lace Boudoir

I can’t tell you how much I love it when a client comes in all tatted up with funky hair color to boot! I love that they use their body as their canvas for their art. It’s so much fun to shoot! So when Miss A walked in our door, you know I was excited as hell to photograph her!

“YYYAAASSS!! That is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about Jeni and Sarah.”

“Their work is beautiful and they’re providing us with much more than pictures, so much more. If you're feeling self conscious and hesitant to invest in yourself, please know you're in great hands and you'll want every image they show you.”

“Thank you ladies for instilling a confidence that I didn't know I had.”

Boudoir Slideshows ::: Orange County Boudoir ::: Grace and Lace Boudoir

One of my favorite parts about the entire session is your viewing. Shooting is fantastic, of course, and we definitely have a blast doing it but when you actually get to SEE yourself on the screen - yeah, utter amazement. Yup - that really IS you on the screen. That is your hard work, your beauty, your personality, the real YOU coming through the photos. I love watching my clients have this revelation about themselves. We start every session with a slideshow, just to whet your appetite. It's where just a handful of your images are set to music and you can watch your photos come to life. Your breath will be taken away - I promise!

Miss S's Boudoir Experience ::: Orange County ::: Grace and Lace Boudoir

Are you kidding me with her pink hair, nose ring, AND tattoos (oh, and even glasses in a few)?? Gah, she's beautiful and was so much fun to have in front of my lens! I also love that she loved her makeup. We take great pride in making sure you are happy at EVERY POINT in the session. We want you to love your hair/makeup as well as the photos. We don't want you looking back and feeling regret because it doesn't look like your vision. You get to decide whether you want sultry, dramatic, or natural makeup.  You get to decide whether you'd like your hair straight, curly, or wavy. This is YOUR shoot and your confidence is boosted when you look like what you envisioned for your shoot. 

This client was a little hesitant during hair/makeup because she's had a session where the makeup made her look 10-20 years older than what she is. But her she was wowed (just like every other client) when she saw herself here! Sarah has an amazing talent and it shows with all of our clients. She's not afraid of any special requests, either. Don't be afraid to be specific. Vegan only makeup? She can handle it. Skin allergies? PLEASE let her know! A little thicker brow? Just let her know!  

I never felt more sexy ::: Orange County Boudoir ::: Grace and Lace Boudoir

When a review like this comes in, I'm so humbled. I know what we do is important but it stops me mid-stride every time I hear a client echo my words. I know that they truly understand - this isn't just a gift for someone else (even if it starts out that way!) 


"Jeni and Sarah are my all time heroes. I am very self conscious women and often hide from the camera. When I saw a friend and some amazing pictures of her I couldn't believe it!  what a set of balls she had! I wanted so bad to be that brave. So I followed the Facebook page with absolute admiration. One night after a glass of wine, another absolutely fearless and Hott women showed up in the page! I held my breath and booked my shoot. Couple months later, endless outfits and non-stop feelings of self doubt I was standing at their door.  No going back! I walked in, still couldn't breathe! But after 5 minuets of Jenis pep talk, a glass of wine and my hair being glammed up, I knew I had made myself worry over nothing. The photo shoot went without me having to think twice, the girls listened to my requests all while Jeni walked me through her vision of me. 
I was able to look at my photos one week later and wanted to cry. I looked amazing! I never felt more sexy and proud looking at my photos and I couldn't wait to show them off to my Husband! 
I absolutely recommend you go for it. These girls allowed me to open up and have some confidence! I will be back in a few year!

Miss H ::: Orange County Boudoir ::: Grace and Lace Boudoir

As a woman, you have so much power at your fingertips. You are a gift, a blessing and you have a powerful voice to be heard. You are a force to be reckoned with and never let anyone take that power away from you. Go out and make a positive impact this week - don’t let you stop you. 

Also, white sheets are really high on my list of favorite outfits.... Gah, they are just sexy!!


Miss M's Super Steamy Session ::: Orange County Boudoir ::: Grace and Lace Boudoir

I am completely smitten with these images of Miss M! She wasn't afraid to trust me and as a result, we got some amazingly steamy photos. She originally intended for these to be a gift for her husband, but just like everyone else, she realized this is JUST as much, if not MORE SO, a gift for themselves.

You have permission to be both an incredible, giving, nurturing mother and a sexy WOMAN. Don’t lose sight of the woman you were before you had kids - the two CAN coexist together. You are allowed to have ME time - time that you’re not spending taking care of everyone’s needs. Invest in yourself - don’t let happiness feel like a foreign concept to you. It’s all about balance.

Miss D ::: Orange County Boudoir ::: Grace and Lace Boudoir

Ummmm, hellooooo gorgeous!! This beautiful, curvy girl was amazing to work with! She was fun, kind, VERY complimentary, and confident. Her beauty on the outside is very obvious but her beauty on the inside (where it REALLY counts) is unmatched. 

Anonymity at it's finest ::: Miss K ::: Orange County Boudoir ::: Grace and Lace Boudoir

This week's feature is the beautiful Miss K. She found us on Instagram when she was searching for wedding gift ideas for her new husband (they just had their wedding ceremony this past weekend but they were married at a courthouse a few months ago). She also wanted to gift him something he can take with him when he leaves on deployment.  Boudoir is always an excellent idea!! She opted to keep her images anonymous outside of our Facebook VIP group, but that certainly doesn't make them any less sexy or make us any less grateful for allowing us to share them! We loved working with her, she was so incredibly sweet and amazingly easy to love. She rocked her boudoir session with so much confidence. 

In her own words....

How old are you? 

I am 21

Are you from Southern California? 

Yes, born and raised in Tustin but live in San Clemente 

Are you married?

Yes, Marine Wife!

Do you have any kids?

None at the moment 

What do you do for a living?

Full-time student for political science; Nanny for 4 kids 

Have you ever had a boudoir session before?


Why did you decide to have a boudoir session with Grace and Lace Boudoir?

I started out on Instagram looking for a boudoir photographer that I felt knew the right poses for a woman and was experienced in the field. This was for my husband for our "real wedding day" since we got married in a courthouse. From searching Instagram, I came across Grace and Lace! I instantly fell in love with their ability to portray a women's beauty in such an elegant but sexy way! I also found it hard to find a boudoir photographer that did hair + makeup and in their own studio. 

Has your session impacted you in a way you weren't expecting? If so, how?

 I was gaining weight, and being married to someone who is constantly working out due to his job, my self esteem lowered. I didn't think my body could look the way that Jeni and Sarah captured me. It really did help our marriage, I began to see the beauty in who I am.

Did you have any obstacles or fears you had to overcome about boudoir?

One of my fears of doing it were, I didn't know who was going to shoot me. In this type of field one has to be careful in who shoots them. That the photographer is professional in respecting your privacy and exposure. But, Jeni and Sarah are excellent in maintaining the professionalism and care for their clients. 

Also, my fear of getting the photos done and not liking the way my body looked. However, I knew the photos were for someone who loved me and knows what I look like. In addition, Jeni assured me that she would help me in camouflaging my imperfections such as a bruise and recent bug bites! 

Did the session differ from what you were expecting?

I went into the session not knowing what to expect. One can only imagine what the studio will look like from the photos. But the experience was amazing in the way Jeni and Sarah make their clients feel and look like a million bucks. 

Did you have your session to create a gift? If so, what was it for? 

The gift is for my husband, which will be given the morning of our wedding ceremony in Fallbrook! I'm anxious to give it to him!

We would love to hear about how you gave the gift and their reaction.

I will definitely make sure my wedding photographer gets a picture of his reaction! And that photo will be sent to Grace and Lace of course! But I did tell him I was doing the shoot and he was persistent in reminding me the shoot was coming up and telling me everything he loves me in etc. He is very excited to see the end product! When I came home in Sarah's makeup, he couldn't stop looking at me like he had a high school crush! But it is good I told him before hand so he knew who was taking the photos and that our identity as a military family would be protected.  

What was your favorite part about the entire experience?

 My favorite part was the viewing of the photos. I was so nervous to see how they would turn out, and when I saw them, I couldn't believe it was me! Jeni was so helpful in picking photos and hearing about what I am looking at when I see the photos. 

Any advice for women interested in their own boudoir session?

My advice is to not overthink it. That is my problem! One has to trust the process that it is going to turn out beautiful! Also, one may keep saying, "I'll do it when I lose weight" I said that for a year and I still didn't. Do it now! You aren't getting any younger and you'll be glad you did it! 


I found Grace and Lace via Instagram! I was looking for a boudoir photographer for my husband on our wedding day. Just saw my finished photos yesterday and Jeni did an amazing job! She is so sweet and genuinely cares about her clients. During the shoot, Jeni also wanted to make sure you were “ok” and helped you during the process. Not one time did I feel awkward in front of her. Sarah, the makeup artist and hair also did an amazing job on me. I get nervous because sometimes makeup can look ratchet looking, but Sarah makes you look like a movie star. And she is just as nice as Jeni! I am so blessed to have found Grace and Lace to do my photos, and so will anyone who decides to use them!

Thank you, Miss K, for letting us share your gorgeous images! 

Get in touch with us if you'd like a Southern California boudoir session of your own! We hope to see you come through our doors soon. 

XO, Jeni