Anonymous Bridal Boudoir ::: Orange County Boudoir ::: Grace and Lace Boudoir

Come take a peek into this stunning, anonymous bridal boudoir. Just because it is a gift for your wedding day, definitely doesn’t mean it has to be all white or with your vail. By all means, if that’s what you want to do, let’s do it … it just doesn’t HAVE to be. You could do blue like this stunner below. And nude. ;)

Whatever you end up deciding, let it be something you’ll be thrilled about later on, too.

The Future You Will Thank You ::: Orange County Boudoir ::: Grace and Lace Boudoir

Some women choose to do a boudoir session as a gift. And what an awesome gift! Some choose to do it before or after hitting a milestone. Another great reason to have this incredible opportunity! 🖤
But the very BEST time to do a boudoir session is right now! You don’t NEED a reason. Yes, it might be scary, you may think you’re not ready. But trust us when we say, the future you doesn’t deserve this more than the present you. You deserve self love now. You deserve to feel empowered now. You deserve to shine ALWAYS

Want to know what it's like in front of the lens? ::: Orange County Boudoir ::: Grace and Lace Boudoir

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like in front of my lens? Let this client share her experience with you... “I am SO glad that I stumbled upon Grace and Lace! I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to do a boudoir shoot for several months, and then I had to find the team I thought I could trust, and that I could afford! If you are on the fence about doing a shoot, or are just trying to decide who to go with, I cannot recommend Grace and Lace enough. I am so camera shy, and am usually the one behind the camera on family trips and such, so I was very nervous and unsure of what to expect. But the experience from start to finish was so perfect. Jeni and Sarah are so professional, but also just super friendly, welcoming, and fun! 
The day of my photo shoot, I was greeted by a welcome sign on the door with my name on it, and we got right to work on hair and makeup. I felt like every second of my time was utilized to the fullest, and that I was kept in the know about the whole process. While doing hair and makeup, Jeni went through the pieces that I'd brought with me to decide what outfits we would shoot, and the whole time we were talking and getting to know more about each other. I LOVED this, because it felt like I was building a friendship and a trust that made the whole day feel so easy and comfortable. Jeni is a PHENOMENAL photographer, and coach. She obviously knows her stuff, isn't afraid of the silly and awkward, and her work is absolutely stunning. I am not sure what I expected my photos to look like, but let me tell you, they are so much more than I ever could have hoped for. I loved that I was able to view my photos in an online viewing that Jeni walked me through, since I'm not a Huntington Beach local, so she saved me the drive! She is so great at walking through the whole process of selecting the perfect photos (which trust me, is SO HARD! They're all amazing!) and she never made me feel pressured to buy more than I said I wanted or could afford. 
Long story short, if you haven't already, book with Grace and Lace. I'm already trying to find an excuse to book again!”

Some Vintage Flare

I love it when I get to do something just a little bit different. Not that I don't LOVE a smokey eye and a nude lip, I mean ,that's my most favorite thing in the whole wide world! A bold red lip though, is empowering. I've been doing Courtney's makeup for years now, and she never wants anything less than bold, striking and daring. I like that about her. 


So, what I was thinking for Court was a little bit Elizabeth Taylor, a little bit Dita Von Tease. I knew she could own it. 

For her face, I primed it with Maracuja oil. I used smashbox primer all over so she would not get oily. I started on her eyes and used a light brown in her crease as a transition shade. I then used a darker brown to deepen it up. I put a vanilla shade on her lid and used bobbie brown gel liner to give her a sultry wing.  For her under eye, i kept the water line clean and used a brown shadow close to her lashes. I used champagne pop for her inner highlight and slightly on her brow bone. I put on some mascara and lashes to complete her eye makeup 

I used tarte amazonian clay for her foundation and contoured with Bobbie brown foundation. I used tarte shape tape under her eye to conceal. I then set her face with Laura Mercier translucent powder. For her blush, I wanted to keep it simple so I used a muted pinky beige blush. I highlighted with Becca champagne pop on top of her cheek bones, her cupids bow and down her nose. For her lips I mixed a darker red and a brighter red color to give courtney a perfect vintage lip. I then set her face with urban decays all nighter spray and that was it! I think she looked fab! 


The Stunning Miss K | Orange County Boudoir | Grace and Lace Boudoir

She's stunning, she's the sweetest, and she SERIOUSLY knocked her session out of the park!  Like, WAY out there! She came to the studio as a gift for her soon to be husband and, of course, herself. She had recently lost some weight but claimed she wasn't quite her goal weight yet, but she was ready to do a session anyway. I love that she didn't wait because all too often, later becomes never.  If you always wait until the "perfect" time, you'll realize that it's never coming.    

We started her session with a sweet and soft, white bra and panty set but ended it with more seductive pieces.  I love seeing the transformations of our clients from the beginning of their shoots to the end! Our clients are AWESOME! Her images just make me so happy.

I cannot say enough about Sarah and Jeni! They are truly so amazing at what they do. I decided on boudoir photos as a gift for my husband on our wedding day. I was extremely nervous and researched around a lot until I came across [them]. 

The website alone was so informative and made me feel better about what to expect. Once I met Sarah and Jeni all my nerves began to leave. They make you feel so comfortable and confident about yourself. They know what they are doing and I couldn't be happier with the photos and neither could my husband. He loved them. Probably the best present I ever gave him. I have already told several friends considering doing a boudoir session and I would recommend them to anyone. 

Overall, it was an awesome experience. Thank you so much Sarah and Jeni!

Thank you for trusting us, Miss K! And for seriously bringing your most seductive A game! :) 

The best choice you can make

Miss T is a woman full of life & faith, a woman who has had her fair share of struggles in life but it hasn't stopped her or even slowed her down. The instant we met her, we INSTANTLY liked her; she gave an air of gentleness and kindness.  We loved having her in the studio and I loved her curves and how she owned them! 

In her own words, here's what she had to say about her experience ...

Hands down I had such a great experience doing my photo shoot with Jen and Sarah. I was nervous before getting there. Once I was there both Jen and Sarah made me feel so comfortable that I enjoyed every minute and did not worry about anything else. My makeup was done so beautifully. I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world. I will say my self confidence has improved greatly. When I went back to view my photos, all I could think and say was “WOW” is that me! This was one of the best choices that I made. Complete satisfaction with every step of the process. Jen and Sarah defiantly (sp) know what they are doing and are very good at their job.
— Miss T

It started as a gift for him ::: Orange County Boudoir

Some posts just don't need much of a write up ... and  this is one of those posts!  I mean, seriously, Sarah and I have said it time and time again, we have the most amazing clients.  Every woman that has chosen to have a boudoir experience with us is an incredible woman!  And Miss "E" is no exception!  I can't begin to tell you how grateful we are for that.    

Here is what Miss "E" had to say about her experience.

Originally I did this boudoir session as a gift for my boyfriend, but after seeing my photos today with Jeni, this was definitely a gift for myself as well. I came into the photoshoot nervous and critical as hell. I am my biggest critic and I was so uncomfortable, but Jeni and Sarah were absolutely amazing from the get go!
Sarah did an amazing job on my hair and makeup, I don't think I'll ever emulate that again, but ughhh I felt so gorgeous! And then it came time to the photoshoot--yikes! A few shots in and I was surprisingly feeling better, all thanks to Jeni! She was so into it that it made it difficult for me not to be enjoying the photoshoot myself! Once it was over, I was shocked because I was having such a blast!
I had a chance to learn about Eye Kandie Boudoir and both Jeni and Sarah during my session and I was happy to do so. Today was my viewing session with Jeni and I don't regret a thing! Thank you ladies for being so so amazing and inspiring and for sparking a love in myself and my curves like I've never had before. I can truly say I love the skin I'm in! =) 

TL;DR: Whether it's a gift for your fiancé, husband, boyfriend or yourself, these ladies will not disappoint! You'll leave feeling confident and beautiful!

Boom!  Those curves, though!!  And the tattoos!  Happy dance happening right now over these images :)

Thank you, Miss E, for letting us share your incredible images!  XO!

Every woman has what it takes :::: Miss D :::: Orange County Boudoir

You know how you are just drawn to certain people for some reason?  And you never really know why at first.  That's how it started with Miss D; within her first correspondence to us were the words "This is more than scary for me" and  "Not sure my body is quite ready for it" and "Would be so crazy for me to do."  I was drawn to her and I hoped beyond hope that she would choose to have this experience with us!! Because I knew she needed this boost probably more than anyone I had come across yet.  See, Miss D had lost over 100 pounds so far but she still saw her old self in the mirror every time she looked into it.  Her self esteem was a big issue for her and she didn't feel sexy in any way, shape, or form because she felt kids and heaviness had done such a number on her body.  She recently decided she wanted to really wanted to face her lack of self esteem and fears head on.  No.  Not just FACE her fears, she wanted to CRUSH her fears..  But she didn't just buy a skimpy bikini that she swore she'd wear this summer.  That would've been too easy. She instead decided to enter into a bikini body building competition! What a way to put your fears to rest!!!  So she started a work out regimen and is working hard to get to her goal!  

She was such a joy behind the lens!  I am so glad that Miss D came into the studio and I'm so glad that this experience was exactly as I knew it would be for her!

"I was shaking with nerves! I swear it was only 5 photos in when I was hysterically laughing and felt like I had known them for years.  It was like a few friends getting together to hang out."
"I cancelled on them once and even got major anxiety over doing this.  I was literally sick over the idea of this.  I finally came to peace with [it]"
"I keep looking at the photos and almost cry, there is no way those pictures are of me.  I have never felt and looked so sexy and confident before."

This woman  inspires me.  She's not letting fear cripple her in this journey.  Boudoir is not just pretty photos.  It's so much more than that!  It's a confidence booster.  Its about proving to yourself how amazing you really are!  

All you have to do is show up.  Just book that session with us.  We will handle the rest.  You don't have to know how to give sexy looks or know how to pose sexy.  That is my job to tell you exactly what to do, where to look, how to breathe! Every woman has what it takes to have a boudoir session, but its up to me to bring it out.