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Bridal Boudoir Doesn't Have to be White ::: Orange County Boudoir ::: Grace and Lace Boudoir

The minute this uber sexy bride walked in our doors for her bridal boudoir, her energy matched mine exactly. That doesn’t happen all that often. With some clients, they walk in, and they’re nervous and not super chatty at first. Totally fine! I’ve got enough words for the two of us, so you don’t even have to talk if you truly don’t want to. (Though nobody has ever done that in 6 years!) But this infectiously sweet girl came in as bubbly as me and was ready. She wanted the dark & moody images that embraced her sexuality. Her wedding was just this past Saturday and I can’t wait to hear about her groom’s reaction to his gift.

In her own words:

I am SO happy I found Jeni & Sarah... they are AMAZING!! I decided to book a shoot through Grace and Lace for my fiance's wedding day gift, and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made!

Whenever I pose for pictures by myself I usually get super awkward and the pictures turn out horrible.. so I was pretty nervous about a boudoir shoot. The ladies at Grace & Lace made all of that go away. The second I walked through the door, they made me feel so comfortable and walked me through the whole process so I knew what to expect. During the shoot they are very technical and tell you exactly how to pose, so you're never stuck feeling/looking awkward in front of the camera.

Their photography style is a perfect mix of sexy, dark/moody, and classy. They capture all the best angles and lighting to make sure you look and feel your best. I absolutely LOVE the way my photos turned out, and I know my fiance is going to love them too!! It's been so hard not showing him before the wedding day!

I'm so thankful I found Grace and Lace, I honestly couldn't imagine doing a boudoir shoot any other way! I promise if you decide to book through them you won't regret it!!

Miss D ::: Orange County Boudoir ::: Grace and Lace Boudoir

Ummmm, hellooooo gorgeous!! This beautiful, curvy girl was amazing to work with! She was fun, kind, VERY complimentary, and confident. Her beauty on the outside is very obvious but her beauty on the inside (where it REALLY counts) is unmatched. 

Miss B ::: Orange County Boudoir ::: Grace and Lace Boudoir

Happy Monday!! 

Are you afraid of how silly you might look trying to be sexy? It’s so much easier than you might think. I say this to all my clients that while the photos are unbelievably sexy, the process really isn’t at all. It’s very technical - I tell you where to look, where to place your hands, how to lift your chin (higher and higher). I tell you exactly how to breathe during the session so we can get these sexy faces. You DO NOT have to know how to do any of it before you come in. Coaching you is what I’m here for - and then I push a button on a camera. I’ve got your back - the only thing required from you is to show up and follow directions.  ;) 

Miss B came to us because she wanted to do something super special for her man who is deployed right now. I love that she incorporated his BDU's towards the end of the shoot - just proof that any outfit can fit into Boudoir. ;) 

Confidence is the SEXIEST ::: Orange County Boudoir ::: Grace and Lace Boudoir

This week we are featuring Miss C! Let me just start by telling you how much I freaking adore this lady!! She is so spunky and sassy, you can't help but fall in love with her. This is her second time coming to see us and I hope she comes back again and again and again!! She has amazing self-confidence that I wish every woman had - including myself!! She's witty with a smart ass sense of humor and we laughed during her entire session. To say we had fun would be an understatement!

In her words...

How old are you? 
I will be 28 tomorrow!!!! 

Are you from Southern California? If not, where are you from?
Yes, I am native to SoCal but currently reside in the Owns Valley located in the Easter Sierra mountain range.

Are you married?
Yes! My sweet husband and I have been married 3 years this April.

Do you have any kids?
Not yet, but we just decided to grow our family through foster care that will possibly lead to adoption. 

What do you do for a living?
I am a preschool teacher. 

Have you ever had a boudoir session before?

Only with my sweet ladies at Grace and Lace! 

Why did you decide to have a boudoir session with Grace and Lace Boudoir?
Well I was one of your first customers and I had a book made for my husband for our wedding night. I feel like I've come into my own sexiness and wanted to reshoot as an anniversary gift! 

Has your session impacted you in a way you weren't expecting? If so, how?

I'm a pretty confident girl but I love looking at myself in such a sexy way it gives me even more of a confidence boost! 

Did you have any obstacles or fears you had to overcome about boudoir?

I am already a big girl and have gained a bit of weight since my first shoot so I was a little nervous to be in front of the camera again. But once I got all glamed up I felt like a super model!  

Did the session differ from what you were expecting?
 I wasn't sure how I'd get those amazing photos I'd seen posted but Jeni was amazing and gave me so any tips and tricks to get that beautiful sexy and suggestive look! 

Did you have your session to create a gift? If so, what was it for?
I am giving it as an anniversary gift. Since I did one that I gave to my husband on my weeding night I'm going to give him a "three years later" book and hopefully this will be a fun theme throughout our marriage for him to collect over the years! 

 What was your favorite part about the entire experience?

 I loved that is was just girls hanging out! I laughed and felt so taken care of all day! 

Any advice for women interested in their own boudoir session?

 Do it! As a very curvy girl the world says I'm less sexy than a thin girl but I disagree, lucky for me so do these girls! It's all about being confident and working what you got! Confidence is the most sexy thing you can put on everyday!!  

Wow what an amazing company to work with! Sarah and Jeni really know what they are doing! I came back a few years later for a second shoot! You get the whole experience with these girls!
From the moment you book a shoot it’s all about you! You receive so much more than beautiful photos with these girls. You receive guides to help you prep and pick outfits as well as a personalized Pinterest page so you can all add ideas! The day of is such a blast first Sarah makes you feel so gorgeous with hair and makeup and then Jeni works her magic!
I had a blast and would totally recommend this to anyone!! I even have a friend who’s going to travel to come shoot with them, they are THAT GOOD!!!!

Miss C is actually our 3rd girl, just this year alone, to come back for a second time! That speaks volumes to what a boudoir experience can do for your self-esteem! Have you scheduled your boudoir session with Grace and Lace Boudoir yet? Every woman has her own reasons for having a session, don't let excuses stop you from having your own!

Stay tuned for our next G&L feature!

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XO, Jeni

Sexy Siren

When Mindy sat in my chair, the first thing I noticed was her beautiful skin. It was smooth and tight and I that's where i wanted to put the focus. Above everything else, the skin is my favorite. There is nothing better than  flawless skin! 

For Mindy's eyes, I used some MAC shadows and the Anastasia of Beverly Hills modern renaissance palette, My obsession.  I used a light warm brown color in here crease as her transition. I then used Cyprus umber on her lid to darken it and then put a little bit of red ochre over that for a beautiful burgundy smokey eye. I then blended it all together with a bit of burnt orange and raw sienna. I lined her lids with Bobbie Brown gel eyeliner in black and smudged it out a bit with a black shadow. I topped off her eye look with some demi wispies

For her skin, I used maracuja oil for some hydration as I was doing her eyes. I then primed her skin with a smashbox primer. She had some brown marks under her eyes, so I went ahead and color corrected with an orange shade by derma color. For foundation I Used the Amazonian Clay full coverage foundation with a flat top kabuki brush. I concealed under her eyes with Tarte shape tape and blended that out with a beauty blender.  I also used the shape tape to highlight her forehead chin, and small bit on the top of the nose. I then set her skin with Laura Merciers translucent powder. I contoured Mindy's face with hoola benefit bronzer, and then used the Lorac tantalizer for a beautiful bronzed glow all over. For blush I used buff by mac, and for highlight I used Becca champagne pop. For her brows I used Anastasia Beverly Hills pencil in soft brown and then a the same soft brown powder to set it. Last but not least, Lips! I used MAC lip pencil in stridown with dose of colors in truffle and inglot #53 lip paint.  

The Stunning Miss K | Orange County Boudoir | Grace and Lace Boudoir

She's stunning, she's the sweetest, and she SERIOUSLY knocked her session out of the park!  Like, WAY out there! She came to the studio as a gift for her soon to be husband and, of course, herself. She had recently lost some weight but claimed she wasn't quite her goal weight yet, but she was ready to do a session anyway. I love that she didn't wait because all too often, later becomes never.  If you always wait until the "perfect" time, you'll realize that it's never coming.    

We started her session with a sweet and soft, white bra and panty set but ended it with more seductive pieces.  I love seeing the transformations of our clients from the beginning of their shoots to the end! Our clients are AWESOME! Her images just make me so happy.

I cannot say enough about Sarah and Jeni! They are truly so amazing at what they do. I decided on boudoir photos as a gift for my husband on our wedding day. I was extremely nervous and researched around a lot until I came across [them]. 

The website alone was so informative and made me feel better about what to expect. Once I met Sarah and Jeni all my nerves began to leave. They make you feel so comfortable and confident about yourself. They know what they are doing and I couldn't be happier with the photos and neither could my husband. He loved them. Probably the best present I ever gave him. I have already told several friends considering doing a boudoir session and I would recommend them to anyone. 

Overall, it was an awesome experience. Thank you so much Sarah and Jeni!

Thank you for trusting us, Miss K! And for seriously bringing your most seductive A game! :) 

My own boudoir session | Orange County Boudoir | Grace and Lace Boudoir

Before this month, I've never had my own boudoir session done before.  Yup, never; I am always the one behind the camera. It seemed so hypocritical of me to tell our clients they needed to put themselves first when I haven't exactly done that myself.  But like most women, I'm not always comfortable in my own skin - and I wasn't 100% confident the day I took the photos, either. But I decided it was time to take the leap and put myself squarely in the shoes of my own clients, to practice what I preach because later becomes never, very quickly.  So I got my outfits ready and prepared myself to feel sexy and confident, to see me how my husband sees me. I loved getting glammed up and shopping for my outfits!  My goal from here on out is to do a shoot once a year or at the VERY LEAST once every other year. I gotta tell you, that was fun and addicting and I hope all women get to have a boudoir experience at least once in their lives .  I love being able to see myself like that and I LOVE how my husband will just stare at the photos, too.  I should've done this A LONG TIME AGO!  

Thanks to Amanda @ California Boudoir for the amazing photos!  There were many more from the session that I loved, but my husband is being a little stingy and wants to keep those for himself! ;)