It started as a gift for him ::: Orange County Boudoir

Some posts just don't need much of a write up ... and  this is one of those posts!  I mean, seriously, Sarah and I have said it time and time again, we have the most amazing clients.  Every woman that has chosen to have a boudoir experience with us is an incredible woman!  And Miss "E" is no exception!  I can't begin to tell you how grateful we are for that.    

Here is what Miss "E" had to say about her experience.

Originally I did this boudoir session as a gift for my boyfriend, but after seeing my photos today with Jeni, this was definitely a gift for myself as well. I came into the photoshoot nervous and critical as hell. I am my biggest critic and I was so uncomfortable, but Jeni and Sarah were absolutely amazing from the get go!
Sarah did an amazing job on my hair and makeup, I don't think I'll ever emulate that again, but ughhh I felt so gorgeous! And then it came time to the photoshoot--yikes! A few shots in and I was surprisingly feeling better, all thanks to Jeni! She was so into it that it made it difficult for me not to be enjoying the photoshoot myself! Once it was over, I was shocked because I was having such a blast!
I had a chance to learn about Eye Kandie Boudoir and both Jeni and Sarah during my session and I was happy to do so. Today was my viewing session with Jeni and I don't regret a thing! Thank you ladies for being so so amazing and inspiring and for sparking a love in myself and my curves like I've never had before. I can truly say I love the skin I'm in! =) 

TL;DR: Whether it's a gift for your fiancé, husband, boyfriend or yourself, these ladies will not disappoint! You'll leave feeling confident and beautiful!

Boom!  Those curves, though!!  And the tattoos!  Happy dance happening right now over these images :)

Thank you, Miss E, for letting us share your incredible images!  XO!