Some motivation for your Sunday.

A little Motivation for your Sunday!
This is Kara, She posts all of our Fitness Fridays. Kara started her health journey a few ago. She has always struggled with her weight, I know this because we have been best friends for 22 years now. She works hard, Really hard. Shes passionate about fitness now, she quit her job of working in retail for 15 years and is now teaching TRX classes and Yoga. She's an inspiration to me, and hopefully to you to. <3

Throw Back Thursday!

Things we like to do besides working? Dress up like weirdos and make fun of each other, duhhh! Honestly though, we love hanging out with each other, our families are super close and we have been through so much together. We both have strengths that make up for the others weakness and that is why we work so well together! We are always talking about business, because its what we love. We love what we do, and we do it well together.